Music Technology at Northwestern

Recent News

Chris Mercer

  • Recumbent Bass released on the CD Dedications by Bert Turetzky.
  • Swampoid performed by Ensemble Ascolta at Wien Modern as part of the Dialoque Experiment.
  • Swampoid premiered by Ensemble Ascolta at the Donaueschinger Musiktage as part of the Dialoque Experiment.
  • Research at the Duke Lemur Center September 11-21, including playback study with the animals.
  • Research at the Brookfield Zoo August August 8-20, observation and audio recording of primates.
  • Voices of Lemurs broadcast in the Santa Fe International Festival of Electroacoustic Music.


Braxton Boren

Congratulations to our recent graduate Braxton Boren, who is one of the 37 American students chosen from 752 applicants to receive the Gates Cambridge Scholarship in 2009.


Lorelei Tong

Congratulations to Lorelei Tong who graduated with her M.M in Music Technology in June 2008. Her most recent composition "Calligraphy of Dynasties"(for video and tape) was selected to be presented at SEAMUS 2009 in Fort Wayne, Indiana.


Matthew Bruns

Congratulations to Matthew Bruns who graduated with his M.M in Music Technology in June 2008. His paper, co-authored with Gary Kendall, "The Effects of Atmospheric Air Turbulence on Sound and its Musical Applications" was presented at ICMC 2008 in Belfast, Ireland.


Rodrigo Cadiz

Congratulations to Rodrigo Cadiz who graduated with his Ph.D. in Music Technology in June 2006. His paper, co-authored with Gary Kendall, "Fuzzy Logic Control Tool Kit: Real-time Fuzzy Control for Max/MSP and Pd" was presented at ICMC 2006 in New Orleans


David Dunn

David Dunn was a recent visitor. He presented a lecture entitled "Audible and Inaudible Worlds: The Micro-Listening Project and Art/Science Collaboration." His recent work Nine Strange Attractors was also presented on the Spring Electroacoustic Music Concert.


Gary Kendall

  • Gary Kendall's composition Qosqo was presented at SPARK 2007 where he also delivered a paper entitled "Reconnecting Music to Spirit: the Spiritual Sound Ensemble". Prof. Kendall's sound installation The Singing Brook was presented at SEAMUS 2007
  • Prof. Kendall's paper "Juxtaposition and Non-Motion: Varese Bridges Modernism and Electroacoustic
    Music" appeared in the August 2006 issue of Organised Sound. A new paper entitled "Considering the Terms of Our Language in Electroacoustic Spatialization" will be presented in June at Electroacoustic Music Studies 2007 in Leichester, England.


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